The Odds of a Craps Bet Being Successful

When playing craps, it is important to have an idea about how likely you are to win a particular bet. With so many options on the table, it can be intimidating for beginners to understand where the safest bets lie. Here is a look at the house edge and the odds for various craps bets.

Craps Bet

Pass Line Bets:

This is the introductory bet in craps, and one that beginners are usually most inclined to choose. If you do not want to learn about more complicated bets, stick to always playing the pass line. The purpose of the pass line bet is to begin the game. If the dice you roll comes out at a certain number (11,7), the bet wins. If the dice you roll come to three other numbers (12, 3, 2), the bet loses. When any other number is rolled, the player is instructed to roll again.

The house has a roughly 1.5$ edge on these bets. Despite the house having a slight edge on this bet, many consider it the easiest bet in craps. Rookie players will tend to play only pass bets for a while, in order to get more comfortable with the game. Players at a craps table tend to bet on the pass line together, creating a group atmosphere.

Odds Bets:

This is a bet that can be made if a point is established in the come out roll. If the point is thrown before a seven, the odds bets pay out. The payout from an odds bet differs depending on the value of the established point. These values are usually written on the craps table. If they are not, you may want to ask the dealer about the odds on specific odds bet.

Odds on Place Bets:

These bets can be made at any time. The purpose of the bet is to predict that a particular number will be rolled before a seven. There are place bets for all numbers listed on the craps table. The best odds are on six or eight coming before a seven, due to their proximity to that number.

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