No Dice in Party Craps

Playing craps in California is different than any other place. As per California constitution, dice or balls cannot be used to determine the outcomes in craps. So casinos in the state substitute dice with cards and use either a combination of cards and dice to play craps.

Party craps

DiceHowever, casinos in California have found a way to add fun to craps. It is especially true in case of certain tribal casinos in Northern California. They use dice to figure out the cards for craps results. However one casino has gone a step further and stopped the use of dice in craps.

In 101 Casino, which is in Petaluma; fans can play a different version of the game called party craps. There is no use of dice in party craps. Party craps has been available to play at 101 Casino since early this year and it is slowing catching on with fans of craps.

Playing party craps

A special deck is used for playing party craps. The deck contains only aces. Yes, you read that right; the 24-card deck used for playing party craps is only filled with aces. It holds aces containing values such as 1s, 2s and so on. The cards are drawn from an automatic shuffler. So in craps when the players roll the dice, dealers at the party craps table in 101 Casino take two cards from where they are placed in the shuffler and use as dice. After every turn, the pulled-out cards are placed back to be shuffled again.

As far as odds of the game in party craps are concerned; they are not different from original craps. The wagers are the same as the game of craps. Perhaps it is the reason that the game doesn’t feel like craps. However, given the limitation on dice games in the state, party craps is becoming popular and many fans stay at the tables and spend hours playing the game. Dice or not, it seems party craps is likely to become popular in California.