Nick Dandolos – Craps Legend

Known as Nick the Greek, Nick Dandolos developed quite a reputation for his gambling prowess. He was an enthusiastic poker and craps player who loved making big bets in risky situations. Most of his gambling took place in the early to mid 1900s.

Nick DandolosAfter spending many years winning money at poker, Nick the Greek had to turn his attention to craps. Although his poker skill never diminished, he had a hard time finding opponents. Everyone knew how good he was, and they avoided playing with him. Craps offered a way for Nick to continue making big money.

Nick the Greek’s biggest loss came in a marathon poker session with Johnny Moss. The two went at it for days, with Dandolos eventually losing $3 million. Nick was also known for his marathon craps sessions. He once played (and won) for over 40 hours at a Nevada casino. Instead of going to sleep after the session, he walked out, went to another casino and started playing there.

Nick the Greek’s craps strategy was fairly simple. He always bet on the pass line and placing at the six and eight positions. If he was going for the maximum on any of those positions, he would bet on the come line at complete odds. He would also place at four, five and nine.

Nick the Greek was one of the first pure gamblers. His style is often compared to that of Archie Karas. He did not care whether he was winning or losing, he would just keep on playing. The thrill of competing was what he lived for. Even if he had lost a million over a three hour period, it would not deter him from competing. Craps and poker gave him a lot of joy, a lot of money, and plenty of incredible memories.