Craps Makes Big Money for Pennsylvania

The United States has always favored table games over other types of gambling. While slot machines are the biggest money makers for European casinos, people in the United States will always be lured towards table games. Poker, blackjack and craps are extremely popular in this country. For the state of Pennsylvania, craps has been an especially impressive earner over the past few years. 2014 has been a great year for craps in Pennsylvania.

crapstableThere are twelve major casinos in Pennsylvania. Out of those casinos, the Sands Casino is leading the way in terms of revenue. Most of their money has come from craps and other table games. Their records state that $15 million was made in March from craps and other table games. With their March 2014 figures, the Sands Casino has a record for being the top earning Pennsylvania casino for 28 consecutive months.

The second best casino in the state is the Parx Casino. They made $12 million through craps, poker and other table games. The Sugar House Casino landed in third with $9 million, while Harrah’s Casino managed to earn $7 million in the same month.

Here is what Richard McGarvey, Pennsylvania’s Gaming Control Board spokesperson, had to say on the matter: “There is no way anyone is going to beat the Sands Casino anytime soon. They are in a league of their own. With games such as craps doing so well there, the number one spot is a one way contest these days.”

There are no signs of a slowdown for table games in Pennsylvania. Slots games may be struggling a bit, but games such as craps will help the casinos with their monthly and yearly revenue figures.

Craps is one of those games that can be enjoyed equally by casino regulars and first time visitors. A craps expert may choose to make more complicated bets, but the game also appeals to beginners. They make simpler bets, but they still put good money on the table.

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