BattleCON Online Takes the Card Game To The Online Platform

BattleCON is set to be released on the digital platform available for Windows, PC, MAC, Web, Android and iOS users. Currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Brad Talton, the creator of BattleCON explained that they intend to have players helping them throughout the development process. The beta version of the game is set to launch this December and will feature ten playable fighter with many costumes per character. BattleCON Online is free to play and is modelled around other popular MOBA games like League of Legends, Smite and Heroes of the Storm.

Crowdfunded through Kickstarter

BattleCONA report by The Cliqist revealed that the campaign to sponsor BattleCON online has crossed its initial funding of $10,000 at least 2.5 times over. With over 500 people already backing the game, the allocated funds will be used to sponsor purchasing software licenses for Unity, concept and development of the website and characters. New modes are also scheduled to be created. Funding this game through Kickstarter not only helps make the financial aspect more feasible, but also attempts to bring together a group of people that want to see the game made. In the Kickstarter campaign video, Talton explained how the crowdfunding platform would also be used to build a community, better run beta tests and try and incorporate suggestions from players.

Playing BattleCON online

Adding layers of strategy and transforming a card game into an in dept game featuring a larger environment and immersive gameplay, BattleCON is a highly anticipated game. Level 99 is mostly knows for their board games, but BattleCON Online is set to be a major component of the digital aspect of the company. The card game version of BattleCON is already considered one of the best and highest rated tabletop card games.