3D Real Craps from Appskin Inc Now on Android

Appskin Inc recently launched an amazingly realistic Android-based crap game called Real Craps. The developers of the 3D online casino have provided players with an absolutely free game, which players can download onto their smartphones and tablets to experience the setting of a real craps table at a casino. The attractively designed interface, which opens up to a craps table, makes it easy to place bets and roll out the dice. The game can be enjoyed alone or with friends. To improve the game, the developers have added interesting animation and a large dice with clearly visible markings so that players can be confident of its fairness.

Game details

3D Real CrapsThe physics-based android game was developed by NVidia and has realistic rules and moves like an actual craps table. Players can also invite friends and compare each other’s’ progress across a leaderboard. Since it is free to download, Real Craps has been downloaded by several thousand users within weeks of launch and has received five star reviews from both users and reviewers. The engine driving the dice is physically stimulated making each throw random so no programming can influence its outcome. This is to ensure that Real Craps is a truly fair online gaming environment and enjoys the trust of players. The animated dice camera allows players to watch the move of the dice which is rolled using precision power meter.

Playing 3D Real Craps

Since Real Craps is free, players do not have to have to make any deposit which increases the entertainment quotient of the game. Every player that signs up with a valid email address is given 1000 free chips and even free bonus chips every day if they play. Players can play this game on their smartphone devices and tablets with 3G/4G network or login to Wi-Fi network. As no money or goods can be won by playing Real Craps it can be disappointing to players it can be a great stimulant for players who are trying to cut down on gambling addiction.